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1 Nov 2016 Automated Manual Transmission or AMT-driven cars are rapidly gaining popularity in India. We tell you how to master these Interestingly, Maruti Suzuki was also the first automaker to introduce AMT, or as they call it – AGS, into the hatchback segment in India with the Celerio. So we decided to take one of
8 Dec 2016
Ans : Yes, the Maruti Suzuki Celerio is available in automatic version. It is also crowned as the country's first car to feature AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) gearbox. This car doesn't have clutch pedal and offers hassle free driving experience.
30 Jan 2014 Now, Maruti Suzuki claims that it has the perfect solution in the Celerio, in the form of the unique low-cost automatic transmission that has been specially developed for Indian buyers. Called 'EZ Drive' by Maruti this unconventional automatic is simply just the manual gearbox with an intelligent hydraulic
10 Mar 2014 Celerio comes in Auto Gear Shift, what is the difference between Automatic Transmission Car like Grand i10 and Automated Manual Transmission as is there in Maruti suzuki Celerio.
All the details about the Maruti Suzuki Celerio AMT Auto gear Shift manual automatic transmission explained along with the usage specifrics.
9 Feb 2014 The actual show stopper then is not even the Celerio. It's the Automated Manual Transmission or AMT. And the trend seems to have caught on with other Indian manufacturers as well as both Tata (with the Zest) and Mahindra (with their Quanto) have expressed their willingness to adopt AMT in the future.
6 Feb 2014 Maruti Suzuki has today unveiled its Celerio hatchback with Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT). This new transmission developed by the Suzuki engineers features clutchless drive, and the gearbox is paired with an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator that allows it to automatically operate clutch and shift functioning.

At an entry level there are very few options in automatic transmissions. Manufacturers, especially Suzuki won't let a car that has a genuine “problem” be launched. It affects their brand and impacts their sale. The Celerio is a budget friendly city car and an entry level automatic. It will have limitations due to its price but it does