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15 Oct 2011
Shield Class Tree. About this Getting Taterazay to level 3 unlocks Tondenga. Getting Taterazay to level 15 unlocks Yarida and Yumiyacha (Uberhero only).
10 Dec 2011 Character Guide for Patapon 3 By Dennis Setiawan aka _Agidyne 7 July Uberhero until it unlocks new classes that are unique to each other.
For Patapon 3 on the PSP, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How to unlock Leveling up your Yarida is part of unlocking some of the really good classes
How to Unlock Edit. Getting Yarida to level 3 unlocks Kibadda. Getting Yarida to level 5 unlocks Piekron. Getting Yarida to level 7 unlocks Cannassault. Getting Kibadda to level 8 unlocks Pyokorider. Getting Yarida and Piekron to level 9 unlocks Wooyari.
For Patapon 3 on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how how do you unlock classes? will all the classes be unlocked on my
1 Jan 2012

Class Unlocks Edit. Archer Class Tree. Getting Yumiyacha to level 5 unlocks Pingrek. Getting Yumiyacha to level 7 unlocks Alosson. Getting Pingrek and Yumiyacha to level 8 unlocks Oohoroc. Getting Oohoroc and Wondabarappa to level 10 unlocks Jamsch. Getting Yumiyacha and Alosson to level 12 unlocks Cannogabang.
In Patapon 3, instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Taterazay unlocks Tondenga at Lvl. 3, Destrobo at Lvl. 5, and Guardira at Lvl. 7. Tondenga is an Uberhero class introduced in Patapon 3.